Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Half and half never looked so good!

Joplin Mural in it's current state after a rainy September morning

Thanks so much to all of you, not only are we now halfway through our Kickstarter campaign we just accelerated past the halfway point in our funding!!!! Cheers!!!!


Taking a break from our daily painting and filming efforts in Joplin we made a much overdue visit to the birthplace of this project, Tonkawa, OK. Upon arrival we were warmly greeted by the wonderful folks Amber, Dave and I have come to know and love. A great group of folks who surely make this town tick. We were only able to stay for a single day but it was great day! We had a gigantic and delicious home-cooked dinner that included homemade cowboy beans, cookies and a secret recipe smoked meat. We shared news and changes in our lives and presented the film trailer to all in attendance. The trailer was greatly received and everyone was more than pleased with the evening.

The wonderful Audrey Schmidt.

friend and project manager from the Tonkawa mural.

(this photo is the first ever double rainbow peak of excellence)

On our hiatus to Tonkawa we discovered a Superfund site,

part lunar landscape part post-apocolyptic minimalist rock garden,

this was quite the unusual town. Thats right, town! From what we could make

out, this very spot was once a regular neighborhood in the present-day ghost town of Picher,Ok.

We weren't the only out-of-towners on this trip, our jot into

Oklahoma found us commingling with a band of 2D

foreigners of the furthest extremity. The lovely Amber Hansen

can be found in the lower right and recent mural team MVP

Ashley Laird to your left.

After a year, the Tonkawa Mural still looks great!

panel two of five

We returned to Joplin just in time for Amber to perform her ritual task of

handing the moon to the sky. Once again all were

restful and sleeping easy under it's watchful glow.

Postcard invitation for the Joplin mural dediction

Our next hiatus takes place on the 28th of September. We'll be winding our way through Missouri and back into Kansas for a trip to Newton, KS, Where, if I remember correctly we were putting the finishing touches on our mural efforts at this very time last year. Newton here we come!

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