Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chapter 2: Where it All Began: Tonkawa, OK

Throughout the year we have made subsequent travels to past mural sites to gather additional footage and interviews for the film. Not only are we grateful for the opportunity this has lent to see friends, but stepping away from the editing desk is a welcomed relief to the process! 


Our first destination to revisit and collect interviews is were the story actually begins, in Tonkawa OK. We were greeted by  Mid America Art Alliance's first project manager, Audrey Schmitz and her partner Ken. We interviewed them and they recapped their experience working on the project. Afterwards they took us to the rooftop of there frame shop downtown and shared this view with us!
 Later on that day we interviewed some town figures that are featured in the mural. Our first stop was at the home of Max Carr. Max is featured in the mural delivering the newspaper to rural homes in an airplane. He recounted what this was like and shared many other wonderful stories that stretched over a span of 80 years. Afterwards we hopped in our car and  traveled east of town to the Tribes community center to interview Tribal President, Don Patterson. Don is the inspiration behind the figure in the mural who is drawing a map on the wall, mentoring and teach a younger generation in the foreground. The imagery in the mural is a reflection on our first meeting with Don and it was an honor to meet with him again.

Per request, we were invited to the home of Randy and Melinda. We were delighted to be the audience as Randy played for us an original piano composition that he wrote for his wife Melinda. The song is titled "Melinda the Butterfly" and is a melody that has been woven into the film. We were so excited to hear this song and are grateful to Randy for allowing us to incorporate it into the film.

It was a great trip visiting friends and witnessing the many new additions to this charming Oklahoma community. We especially enjoyed it's new banners that proudly adorn the downtown, designed by Tonkawa's own, Ken Crowder......... and now, back to the drawing board (editing table)!

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